Coyote Soaps

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Quotes Ok, I just want to say, I am a believer! The oatmeal sugar scrub that came in the valentine box is A. Capitol ZING! My skin feels ten years younger than the rest of me! Quotes
Old farm girl

Quotes I found another glorious use for my Coyote Soap!! I bought a special yoga mat from Lululemon to remedy how slippery my hands get mid-practice, but because of the material I couldn't use normal cleaners! Voila, I just bring it in the shower with me and Coyote soap is perfect because it's so mild :). Now I'm equally non-slip and non-smelly! Quotes
San Diego Yoga Rockstar

Quotes So glad you added the lavender! My good friend in NY loves the lavender soap from a local company so I send her some for BD and Xmas. I just sent her some to try so I'll let you know how much she likes this. Lavender is her most favorite fragrance. I know I'm loving the soap you gave me when I visited. Quotes
Rogene Paskins
Glad for the Lavender

Quotes Your soaps are wonderful!! Not only are they great to use but they are perfect for gift giving and decorating...the perfect touch!! Quotes
Indiana Soap Fan

Quotes My loofah soap that you made and brought to Monterey, is the size of a dollar coin now, I use it so much. I loved it and I'm very sad about its current state. However, I'm excited about using the coffee-peppermint one, especially in the morning :) Quotes
Iowa City Sushi Aficionado